Online app designed specifically for teachers and students

digital-learningWileyPLUS Learning Space is an online app designed specifically for teachers and students to get the most out of the learning experience. The students will be able to accel while the instructors have a vast array of educational tools at their disposal. All of which are designed to maximize the student’s learning potential by using proven teaching methods. This system is primarily designed for college or university level courses.

There are four ways that WileyPLUS is proving beneficial: enhanced content, visibility, collaborative learning, and customization.

The enhanced content has taken the traditional textbook and brought it into the digital age, accessible through the students tablets. Instead of just having the text and images, the eTextbook comes with videos and interactive content that help bring the course material to life. By utilizing more than one teaching method (i.e. videos, interactive content), or blended teaching, the student will become more engaged and play a more active role in his own education as well as making it easier to understand complex ideas and concepts.

Visibility or the use of real-time reports in the WileyPLUS system allows students and instructors to track progress. This can be a great motivator for the student as well as providing the instructors with needed data to help direct the student to areas that need more attention. By using the real-time report problem areas can be easily addressed. Instructors can even contact the student directly from the report so that concerns can be handled promptly.

The WileyPLUS Learning Space uses collaborative learning by allowing the student to interact with other students. Not only does this foster teamwork between the students, it allows fellow students to help other students. To explain concepts to another student, not only helps them but it helps the one teaching to grasp the material in a different way, as an ‘expert.’ The interchange of ideas and the interaction also helps the students to retain more of the lesson. For the instructor, this reduces their burden by spreading out the workload among the students. This way the instructor can focus more on what is really important.

The fourth benefit is how the WileyPLUS system is fully customizable. Just like in a real book, the student can highlight, annotate points of interest, make comments and share your work with fellow students or instructors. Instructors have the ability to create custom coursework. Part of being a good educator is the ability to be flexible. Having the ability to create coursework that fits a specific need is the exact kind of flexibility they need. Students need to feel like they can truly interact with the textbook as if it was a physical book in their hand.

By re-envisioning what learning could be, WileyPLUS Learning Space has taken education to the next level. It builds upon proven and researched teaching methods to best engage the student in a way that will facility learning, engaging all the senses, and the ability to work among their peers to truly come to an understanding of the course work.

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